Wednesday, March 4, 2015

99 Problems and Speed Ain't One

I seriously have a problem with a need for speed. I've had this issue with my cars in the past, and now my bikes! It's like I just adapt to the inertia and become immune to the power, thus craving more constantly!! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I ended up smoking the rings on the s2r. Having a racing spirit, my motto has always been "if it breaks, just reason to upgrade!!"

High compression pistons seemed like a logical solution!! Thanks to Fast by Ferracci, I got hooked up with some sweet new pistons and rings! I had heard that going to the high compression really wakes up the motor! After installing them and going for a test ride, I came back with a huge grin on my face! The pistons bumped compression from 10:1 to 11:1 ratio.

Little education on compression, and why a high compression motor would be favored-
A high compression ratio is desirable because it allows an engine to extract more mechanical energy from a given mass of the air fuel mixture due to the higher thermal efficiency. Internal combustion engines convert thermal energy to mechanical energy, therefor higher efficiency is created because higher compression ratios enable the same combustion temperature to be reached with less fuel, while also giving a longer expansion cycle, creating more mechanical power output and lowering the exhaust temperature.

However, just like always, that little extra bit of pep, the added power, extra quickness.. it all wore off, and my need for speed continues. I need more..

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who Doesn't Like Riding Naked!?!?

I love my vintage bike, but the practicality is not always there. I must admire the RD, for being a 2-stroke it is very reliable! But I wanted something I could ride and rest assured cruising on the freeways, or even take a trip or two. I love the appeal of the vintage look, so naturally I was drawn to the naked vintage cafe looking Ducati Monster. It offere the vintage appeal and simplicity, yet was new and reliable. Surprisingly though the 620 was not really any faster then the RD, it just managed to avoid fouling the plugs. 

My newfound love of the Ducati also began my career at with an amazing boss!!  I was able to transform my bike into a work of art! It was a place of magic, and the shelves there are lined with astonishing parts to tempt me every day from carbon to Rizoma! Despite making the Monster 620 magnificent, like usual, I needed something faster!!

I opted for the Monster S2R1000. It had everything I wanted, single sided swingarm, dry clutch, and a bigger motor. I naturally embraced the S2R over the S4R due to the cleaner look of the oil cooled motor vs the bulky radiator on the S4R. It still had the vintage feel and modern performance! Again, thanks to I was able to make my new Ducati Monster S2R1000 into my dream bike! I installed esentially everything in which Rizoma had offered, a few carbon pieces, and worked on a bit of weight reduction. I was in love!!!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Two Stroke or Not to Stroke

So with the addiction to speed, it was only proper that I ended up with a street bike. However, my fancy did not lay in the cliche newer crotch rocket, but the classy vintage bikes. Oh how I loved the simplicity of the 60s and 70s era motorcycles. The only trick was finding something that would match my desire for speed. So coming from the turbo car scene, the only legit answer would be a two stroke! After a few weeks of searching, I found the one!!

All original 1975 Yamaha RD350!! Looks almost like it rolled off the showroom floor. Talk about a blast to ride! As soon as you get to 4000 rpms, hold on and smile because it wants to take off! My friend Carlos helped me take it home since I didn't have my endorsement at the time. With the thought of the new bike, I became engrossed in the idea and disregarded the fact that my parents were coming over. So of course show up full of glee with a new bike only to see the parents in the driveway awaiting my arrival. Oops. 

So I'm an adult, why should it even matter what I do, right? Well sadly it's still hard to see the face of disapproval or deal with the lectures and words of caution. So my initial response was quick- "oh this isn't my bike... I'm just storing it for Carlos at the house". Conflict avoided. Few months pass by, parents are at my house again, my mom asks how long I plan to store the bike for my friend. My dad just snickers and follows up with "Honey, she's not storing it. I'm pretty sure it's hers!!"

I must say, I really admire more then just the performance and agility of this bike. I also admire the grace and beauty it possesses. Every year, we proudly entered the Vintage Motorcycle Shows, taking home a good amount of fun and first place trophies! I naturally gravitated to the idea of motorcycles. I needed more. I needed reliable. I needed faster! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ducati's and Combines: a Farm Girl's Need for Speed

I'm just a simple farm girl.. Just not so simple! I grew up on a farm surrounded by a slow paced atmosphere. Living in solace, surrounded by my mother who was enthralled by horses and my dad who's passion succumbed to tractors- John Deere to be specific. Then there was me, who just wanted to go fast! I enjoyed the freedom and excitement in which my little 125 dirtbike provided me. Where I grew up in Oregon, there was a vast terrain that was all mine to explore and conquer!  

Rain or snow couldn't keep me from the serenity I found on the bike. However, at a certain point, shortly after obtaining my drivers license, I began to set focus onto cars. This new found ability to drive only had me yearning for more speed. To satisfy my need for speed, I began to spend every weekend possible at the track racing my turbo AWD Eclipse and Talon. I became very proficient with bracket racing, keeping consistent 12 second passes to place second for the season. Shortly after that, I just proceeded to go for faster times into the 10s. 

Of course my bike did not become forgotten, but rather aided its own purpose of making me happy from the freedom that comes along with riding- something you just cannot get in a car. With this being said, I ended up opting for a bike to ride on the streets.. Something faster!!