Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ducati's and Combines: a Farm Girl's Need for Speed

I'm just a simple farm girl.. Just not so simple! I grew up on a farm surrounded by a slow paced atmosphere. Living in solace, surrounded by my mother who was enthralled by horses and my dad who's passion succumbed to tractors- John Deere to be specific. Then there was me, who just wanted to go fast! I enjoyed the freedom and excitement in which my little 125 dirtbike provided me. Where I grew up in Oregon, there was a vast terrain that was all mine to explore and conquer!  

Rain or snow couldn't keep me from the serenity I found on the bike. However, at a certain point, shortly after obtaining my drivers license, I began to set focus onto cars. This new found ability to drive only had me yearning for more speed. To satisfy my need for speed, I began to spend every weekend possible at the track racing my turbo AWD Eclipse and Talon. I became very proficient with bracket racing, keeping consistent 12 second passes to place second for the season. Shortly after that, I just proceeded to go for faster times into the 10s. 

Of course my bike did not become forgotten, but rather aided its own purpose of making me happy from the freedom that comes along with riding- something you just cannot get in a car. With this being said, I ended up opting for a bike to ride on the streets.. Something faster!! 

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