Friday, February 20, 2015

Two Stroke or Not to Stroke

So with the addiction to speed, it was only proper that I ended up with a street bike. However, my fancy did not lay in the cliche newer crotch rocket, but the classy vintage bikes. Oh how I loved the simplicity of the 60s and 70s era motorcycles. The only trick was finding something that would match my desire for speed. So coming from the turbo car scene, the only legit answer would be a two stroke! After a few weeks of searching, I found the one!!

All original 1975 Yamaha RD350!! Looks almost like it rolled off the showroom floor. Talk about a blast to ride! As soon as you get to 4000 rpms, hold on and smile because it wants to take off! My friend Carlos helped me take it home since I didn't have my endorsement at the time. With the thought of the new bike, I became engrossed in the idea and disregarded the fact that my parents were coming over. So of course show up full of glee with a new bike only to see the parents in the driveway awaiting my arrival. Oops. 

So I'm an adult, why should it even matter what I do, right? Well sadly it's still hard to see the face of disapproval or deal with the lectures and words of caution. So my initial response was quick- "oh this isn't my bike... I'm just storing it for Carlos at the house". Conflict avoided. Few months pass by, parents are at my house again, my mom asks how long I plan to store the bike for my friend. My dad just snickers and follows up with "Honey, she's not storing it. I'm pretty sure it's hers!!"

I must say, I really admire more then just the performance and agility of this bike. I also admire the grace and beauty it possesses. Every year, we proudly entered the Vintage Motorcycle Shows, taking home a good amount of fun and first place trophies! I naturally gravitated to the idea of motorcycles. I needed more. I needed reliable. I needed faster! 

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