Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who Doesn't Like Riding Naked!?!?

I love my vintage bike, but the practicality is not always there. I must admire the RD, for being a 2-stroke it is very reliable! But I wanted something I could ride and rest assured cruising on the freeways, or even take a trip or two. I love the appeal of the vintage look, so naturally I was drawn to the naked vintage cafe looking Ducati Monster. It offere the vintage appeal and simplicity, yet was new and reliable. Surprisingly though the 620 was not really any faster then the RD, it just managed to avoid fouling the plugs. 

My newfound love of the Ducati also began my career at with an amazing boss!!  I was able to transform my bike into a work of art! It was a place of magic, and the shelves there are lined with astonishing parts to tempt me every day from carbon to Rizoma! Despite making the Monster 620 magnificent, like usual, I needed something faster!!

I opted for the Monster S2R1000. It had everything I wanted, single sided swingarm, dry clutch, and a bigger motor. I naturally embraced the S2R over the S4R due to the cleaner look of the oil cooled motor vs the bulky radiator on the S4R. It still had the vintage feel and modern performance! Again, thanks to I was able to make my new Ducati Monster S2R1000 into my dream bike! I installed esentially everything in which Rizoma had offered, a few carbon pieces, and worked on a bit of weight reduction. I was in love!!!

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